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Ensuring Integration

Ensuring integration – achieving the transformation is not enough, great steps forward can be all too temporary and fleeting if they are not embedded within the processes of the organization. Ensuring integration therefore means

  • reviewing the processes in place
  • ensuring that they are congruent with the newly transformed organization
  • putting in place new or adapted processes, systems and procedures

These processes can be management focused, customer focused and behaviour focused, but above all they will ensure that the hard won gains of transformation are protected.

During the assignments which we have led, managed or facilitated, we have used some or all of the following programmes to integrate the result into the on-going life of the business :-

    • annual management conferences in which the senior managers of a company learn together, gain relevant information and have fun [education, information, motivation]
    • conferences for business partners where the intention is to gain from their experience and thank them for their continuing commitment
    • incentive events, where the goal is to celebrate achievements within the company or with suppliers or customers
    • product launch events where the goal is to ensure that all customers – external and internal are enthused by the opportunities to be gained by a new product or service
    • Designing common sales management processes to be adopted across several country businesses
    • Building interactive training programmes to support the introduction of segment marketing by a sales force across Europe
    • Authorship of guides and manuals to ensure clarity for all involved and to ensure that best practice sales processes are understood and implemented
    • designing Performance Management processes, with role descriptions, accountabilities, objectives built into a regular review process
    • designing learning and development processes which ensure that all the people of a company have the chance to be better aligned with the direction of the organisation
    • designing relevant ways in which the people can confidently and privately feedback their thoughts, ideas and concerns to the management of the overall business, with the realistic expectation that these ideas will be listened to and enacted upon
    • Designing Management Development programmes based on
      • The potential for progression
      • Analysis of strengths and areas for development
      • Individual support to the manager and to her/his manager
    • Building the loyalty and commitment of managers to the overall business
    • Regular project based multi-functional, multi-national workshops in which real business issues can be dealt with and solutions designed, implemented and evaluated
    • Annual Management Events, where managers are informed, educated and energized, so to understand exactly the goals of the business and their part in the achievement of those goals
    • analysis of the market, particularly sizing and evaluating the market segments on which a business is to focus and developing material and training 
    • gaining feedback from customers via electronic surveys and individual qualitative interviewing to help shape strategy
    • Communications, supporting the full range of activity from brochures to exhibition design, from corporate design to value proposition description
    • Internal/External congruence – a particular belief of ours is that there needs to be an alignment between the inner values and behaviours of the company and the values and behaviours it shows to its customers
    • Supporting the creation of a new brand, together with the necessary Style Guide design, authorship and policing arrangements
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