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Leading Transformation

Leading transformation – having decided what to do, identified the target to be achieved, clarified the way the organisation will look and specified the desired behaviours of its people – then the Key Success Factor is delivery - via the people.

Leading transformation therefore means

  • communication of purpose,
  • involvement in process
  • commitment to priorities

It is through these three elements that the transformation will be achieved successfully, because it will be done through energized people, fully engaged and determined to succeed.

Successful Transformations we have worked on :-

    • pan-European Company with a clear strategy to be the No 1 in Europe, having 7 country businesses with separate and discrete names all having been acquired by the parent UK PLC over a 10 year period – the task - create ONE entity     
      • Developed the plan,
      • chose a name having acceptance across Europe,
      • built a set of core values around that brand,
      • ensured that the brand is ‘hallowed territory’ with brand champions in every country.
    • Took the top managers of the business fully into the process from the very beginning through a staged series of ‘Engagement Events’,
      • confirming with them the strategic priorities,
      • describing the development steps required,
      • gaining their contribution to the whole process,
      • reinforcing the process, and
      • ensuring that this whole commitment was cascaded to every level of the organisation.


    67% growth in turnover with 45% growth in ROS in 5 years

    High recognition by customers of values in action across Europe

    85% engaged people with the Company across Europe


    • Working with the MDs of two competing companies which were to be merged, 
      • discussing their expectations, hopes, anxieties  
      • facilitating the decision made as to the leadership of the combined business
      • determining the optimum structure of the business 
      • deciding on the move of the HQ and Logistics Centre 
      • identifying the new roles needed for successful performance
    • Helping to design a major communication exercise with all managers and all the people of the combined business, ensuring a consistent approach to people management across seven locations


    4% growth in overall sales turnover during the year of integration
    65% – 75% – 86% engagement of the people over the first three years of merger
    Took 20% market share from competitors in second year of merger

    • Dealing with the history – two small residual businesses which had been left as the result of a larger acquisition of a German parent company – putting these together under one MD - adding a further acquisition five times bigger than the existing business.
    • Built the team – working out the cultural differences of the businesses – identifying the best person to be MD – giving him the support and the resource to build his team and to generate the desired result
    • Adapt the desired outcome – adding a further acquisition – allowing the new business to develop at its own pace and designing the integration process 


    Multiplied business 10 times over 5 year period
    Loss making to 6% ROS over same period

    • Working with a team of European MDs to create a value proposition - the definition of the company’s aspirations – ‘what will make us different from our competitors and more highly valued by our customers?’ 
    • Establishing the strategic priority for training and development to embed the value proposition across the Group and designing the training programme together with all relevant support material
    • Bringing together the European Sales Directors to build a consistent approach to sales and sales management across the Group in order to embed the value proposition across all countries
    • Creating a sales management manual and managed its introduction across the Group


    Sustained and Increased Gross Margin across all countries
    High levels of sales force motivation – 88% engagement of sales force
    High levels of recognition from customers – ‘they are really great people to deal with - relationship builders'

    • Determining how to put together the millions of parts on which this distributor depended in a system, without overextending its capacity – financially or in terms of people resources
    • Facilitated a pan-European team to examine the range of possible solutions and to determine which would best fit the requirements and the capability of the organization to deliver.
    • Provided leadership to a project team to identify the main Systems House business partner – clarified the scale of the project and obtain backing of the Board
    • Supported the delivery of the project, through the Systems Director – through all the challenges faced in achieving success


    Over the three year implementation timescale

    • the project created over 2.5million part numbers
    • it enabled the reduction of inventory across the Group of over £25m
    • identifying how to bring company-relevant learning to over 2000 people, based in many locations across Europe - solution being bespoke e-learning and business simulation 
    • planning the process – identifying the providers – experts in the field  – putting together experts from the Company to provide the essential knowledge and expertise - building the Foundations 
    • ensuring that each business encompasses the learning programme through its business planning process and supports its ‘learners’ with appropriate encouragement and celebration
    • gaining regular feedback from representative groups of employees – Works Council, Employee Forums – and directly from individual employees
    • capturing the results for each participant through the adoption of a group wide learning management system


    high impact on the company – 89% employees rated the programmes of relevance and interest to themselves
    80% of all customer facing people had taken the programmes within 18 months of their launch

Energize, Engage!

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